Enter The Zew Box Giveaway & Win A Premium Watch Every Week

The Grand Prize Winner will win the premium Smith & Bradley Atlantis (valued at $1,200). Our Weekly Winners get a DEFI - Classic (valued at $200).

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Zew Box is a one of a kind membership club, where members receive a premium watch every month -- right to their door!

To celebrate our launch, we're giving away a couple of these premium watches to our earliest supporters.

Weekly Prize 

DEFI - Classic Field Watch (Valued at $200)

Every week we'll choose one lucky winner to take The DEFI Classic. 

The Grand Prize

Smith & Bradley - Atlantis (Valued at $1,200)

We'll choose one winner to take Smith & Bradley's flagship time piece.

The story behind Zew Box

Zew Box is a monthly subscription box that will drastically undercut major watch brands, while manufacturing with the same material and components.

We're a group of watch engineers, designers, and builders, hyper-focused on quality. Our subscription box will give members exactly  the same products as the big brands, just at a better price and a different brand name. 

The watch industry will never be the same

We’re cracking open the watch vault and giving you access to our connections we have made throughout the years of manufacturing in this industry. Take a sneak peek at the beautiful timepieces Zew Box will be launching with.